Name – A world of its own

03 Sep

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?

Names are like a wonder-world in themselves.  They are just like stories, or more precisely like blogs: some blogs are just fascinating, some are beautifully embedded with thoughts. Powerful enough, names can make you fall in love with a person sometimes.

Except, as in my culture of religious beliefs and beliefs in priests, the initial of the name is suggested  decided by the priest after some spiritual calculations and meditations. The Initial letter of the name is supposed to be lucky for the child. As for these beliefs, most parents prefer to choose a name from the given initial. Sometimes these superstitions are so at a peak that parents tend to get the name of the child changed just because they feel he is having a bad luck.

Still, I am happy as to what my name is, for I believe that The name doesn’t build up a personality; It’s the personality that builds up a name. At the time of my birth, I received the initial P. My grandfather, being a man of strict personality, took two names and my parents had to choose one. So, I don’t know whom to give the complete credit for the name.

The meaning of my name is : “Symbol”

Well yes, I do think it suits me for I have this ambition of being an idol for others, and one day I would inspire many, as today I am inspired by many.

As for my children’s name, well I myself am not an adult yet so I have to build up a reputation for my name, before I can decide names for my children. For a conclusion, I love my name.


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