A Nightmare I Lived

22 Aug

And so I woke up another morning
Not silence, but with a shout and roar,
As I stepped out of my house in haste
And saw the floods, as my house they tore.

“Tsunami, Tsunami” they shout so loud
And I run with my hopes too low,
Of staying alive, and breathing again
As with these waves I flow.

The only thing I remember lastly
Is drowning in some gushing sounds,
Of waters and screams and cries
Waking up with darkness all around.

I open my eyes after some struggle
My nerves don’t feel any sensation,
I look around to see no one
No life, but complete isolation.

Stuck in this strange nature I am
Water all around and standing on sand,
I am not sure if I am alive anymore
If I am in heaven or am on land.

While I try to figure some questions out
Flashback, and I see some sights,
And those scenes of miseries and deaths
And all those horrific ends of lives.

I do look up at heaven and pray
And thank him, for my life he spared,
But I doubt if I have the strength to live
A life without those, for me who cared.

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