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A Nightmare I Lived

And so I woke up another morning
Not silence, but with a shout and roar,
As I stepped out of my house in haste
And saw the floods, as my house they tore.

“Tsunami, Tsunami” they shout so loud
And I run with my hopes too low,
Of staying alive, and breathing again
As with these waves I flow.

The only thing I remember lastly
Is drowning in some gushing sounds,
Of waters and screams and cries
Waking up with darkness all around.

I open my eyes after some struggle
My nerves don’t feel any sensation,
I look around to see no one
No life, but complete isolation.

Stuck in this strange nature I am
Water all around and standing on sand,
I am not sure if I am alive anymore
If I am in heaven or am on land.

While I try to figure some questions out
Flashback, and I see some sights,
And those scenes of miseries and deaths
And all those horrific ends of lives.

I do look up at heaven and pray
And thank him, for my life he spared,
But I doubt if I have the strength to live
A life without those, for me who cared.

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A great show today


The Independence day function today in my school, Modern School Vasant Vihar, was a great success. Playing the keyboard and mouth-organ was self-satisfying to the musician in me. Thanks to all my colleagues in the orchestra, my teacher and my school for giving me an opportunity to do the same. Happiness and Celebrations : )

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Perseid Meteor Shower 2013

Hello everyone ! Since I have no one in particular, I would like all my lovers and loved ones to know this. With a hope that you pass on the message and a big smile to your special ones, I pray for lots of love in all of your lives.  

Smile, and make someone smile :)


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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

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