Life on a ride

30 Jul



Life turned to a roller coaster
Some ups-and-downs in life ,
It started with a rose
But ended with a knife .
The day I saw you
I was down on my knees ,
I loved, I begged, I died for you
Its you I wanted to cease .
Our first meet just told me what
Great love-stories could we do ,
The way you looked at me
I knew you loved me too .
You looked so sweet and innocent
Only for you I wanted to live ,
But its over, now I know
Looks are so indecisive .
You touched me, liked me
Loved me, hugged me ,
Never let me realize
That you actually used me .
Found another guy, left me
I just couldn’t take more ,
You just threw me like a glass
Threw me on a concrete floor .
If you had ever loved me
A hundredth of what I did ,
You would have always loved me
Even on my death-bed .
I saw you it was first, when I
In your love almost died ,
Left me, hurt me once more you
Even my soul just cried .
Its your love that made me still
Feels like I’m paralyzed ,
You just shot me in my heart
Not once but you shot me twice .
Our love is war for us, I know
It won’t ever be ever fair ,
I’m addicted, I want it back
Though again it will end in despair .
But this time I will be the boss
For you I won’t be nice ,
On a slope of pain will I throw you
Just roll you like a dice !

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