A Drop Of Heaven

01 Jul













Whenever you are sitting idle
In a deep trouble caught,
Looking outside the window
But lost in a great, deep thought.
Suddenly when all those feelings
Of happiness and that of fear,
Burst out from your mind
With one beautiful drop of tear.
Some deep feelings in you
To express themselves you let,
Born from your mind and
Out came, the eyes wet.
All that waters of heaven, of
All the darkness and light,
Make that confused eyes of yours
Beautiful, make them bright.
Even amidst that foggy scene
You make a wish so dear,
Wish someone holds you by hand
And makes your problems disappear.
When those eyes can hold no more
And out comes one drop,
Takes away your all the pain
Gives all your sadness a stop.
Even if still your heart is
Scattered like dunes of sand,
May someone just come to you
And hold you by the hand.
Shall he kiss your hand
And vanish all your stress,
In simple words shall he tell you
A secret of happiness –
‘The next door is full of fun and
Joy, just turn the knob,
Will there be sadness too, but
Positive vibes you absorb.
You got it all, I’m with you
Don’t waste the moment and sob,
You got me, just share it all
Shall your pain I rob.’
Whenever he comes to you
Don’t let go off him ever,
Be with him and endure the joyful
Moments, he’ll give you forever.
He will be the right man for you
He who will love you 24/7,
‘Cause he will be the one to call
Your tear, a drop of heaven.

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