Daily Prompt: No, Thank You

23 Jun

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

With a feeling of respect to everyone’s individual thoughts and beliefs, I write this thought of mine.


If I had a choice and the power of banning a word, and not only banning its use but erasing its meaning from all the minds – weak and feeble, it would be the world ‘religion’.

Well yes, I know it’s a very controversial topic this ‘religion’ as to why I would choose such a pure and divine word to ban. Religion means worship in the most disciplined way, prayers in the most sincere way and fraternity in the most lovable way. It’s sad how I stand here against this devotional word, but I do oppose it with a spark of wisdom in my heart. If you had asked me the definition of religion maybe two to three centuries ago, I’d have answered with an expression of happiness and respect towards it. But sadly, this is the 21st century that has changed my opinion and perspective of Religion. Its astonishing how something as peaceful as Religion could be turned into a weapon with time. I don’t need to explain and exemplify you all as to how Religion stood not as a belief that there is just one God to all prayers, and that he’s the only umbrella to bar us from the showers of devil; but it stands now in this century to divide our brotherhood. I don’t say Religion is bad, for it teaches us to hate. No, Religion does not teach us to hate. It’s just that we do not perceive the teachings of Religion in its purest form. And I do feel a need of erasing the meaning of religion from the feeble minds, only till the time they are strong enough to believe in and receive the true meaning of Religion. And so I end with a beautiful quote in a bollywood film Oh My God –

Dharm aadmi ki zindagi mein ek hi kaam karta hai : Ya toh woh insaan ko bebas banata hai, ya fir aatankvaadi.”

(Religion works in the life of a human in just one way : Either it makes him helpless, or it makes him a terrorist.)


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