The Monsoon Breeze

18 Jun


















This cold breeze, it sometimes
With the rains, beautifully rhymes,
Some thoughts in me they pour
As the clouds they bark and roar.
As I walk down the lane
Rain drops they burn on my pain,
Insist me to look up and cry
But I won’t; I’ll smile, I’ll try.
These water drops are a great relief
They deal in my pain and belief,
Fade away they both together
As smooth as a falling feather.
I try looking up at that cloud on top
And out at my eye it throws a drop,
I shake my head in a humorous haste
And a drop of rain I almost taste.
It’s sweet, salty and chilling chills
In my blood it mixes and fills,
Heavenly drops they fall from hell
Excited, as if some stories they tell.
The first drop ignites a spark
In me, as I walk in the evenings dark,
The second one infuriates my fear
Missing you, raindrop it falls as a tear.
Another one sweet drop drops in front
I feel in it an electric current,
Rumbling to escape and jump outside
But sadly before, the drop it died.
And as every drop of the rain they dart
And as it falls and cries to my heart,
I pray the sun to sharply glow
And burn me to water, so with the rain I flow.

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Posted by on June 18, 2013 in Literature, Poems



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