Lost In Love

16 Jun

I’ve been walking for quite some time. Where I started; where I
am heading to; or actually why am I here? I don’t have any
interpretations to that. It is all your sorcery, your emotions, your
infatuation; they made me what I am now – lost. Yeah, it’s you
why I ended up sinking in this voyage. I’d appreciate you for
that; for coming into my life, for indoctrinating me with why I
shouldn’t trust anyone. It’s you, why I’m strolling in these
slapdash streets, with my emotions going deep down into the
ocean with the setting sun. Walking on these roads, looking up
at heaven, and not aware of what’s coming my way. It could be
anything – destruction, wisdom, eminence, anything. And I walk
on, in an eccentric dream of mine, where like a deer in a desert, I
am a craving soul, and I see a puddle far down the lane. Yeah,
the puddle of water is you, and the deer is my heart, and I keep
going on and on, on a blind chase, for in a dark corner of my
heart I know I’ll find you someday. If not you, maybe someone
better. Running like the wind – aimless, baseless, useless, and
without any direction, any motive, any intention. But this another
dream of mine, which has a belief and confidence and a trust of
achieving something out of you at least – a lesson, is many a
times shattered, as I clash into some random street smart
walking with some loud music buzzing around his ears. Maybe he
looks up to me, and maybe says something; ‘maybe’ because I
have been made blind and numb by you, your memories, your
attachments. I can’t hear anything, can’t see
anything, but those dreams I see, hear and feel, that I believe
might lead me into something better, much better than you. I do,
I really do appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for what
you did to me; some memories, lessons, dreams and some
mysteries you left in me. I have to unravel. And as I said:”
Walking on these roads, looking up at heaven, and not aware of
what’s coming my way. It could be anything – disaster, wisdom,
eminence, anything.” or maybe, heaven just has another angel
for me, at the end of my dream, my lane, at the end of my pain;
waiting for me, to hold my hand and to always stay beside,
or maybe to ignite another fire in me. And with all those
thoughts twinkling in my mind like those stars I look up at, I
walk on…

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Posted by on June 16, 2013 in Articles, Literature


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