Lights, Love And Memories

08 Jun

The awesome evening view
Brightest of all nights,
It’s a sweet noise all around
Enters the festival of lights.
Walking down the street
My heart, some thoughts touch,
Thinking about you I am
Not hearing to the crowd much.
I know it’s something to celebrate
They’re everywhere, the lights,
But how can happiness be with me
If I don’t get your sight?
It’s sparks all around
And everywhere a spice,
But what’s the joy in it
If I can’t be lost in your eyes?
Little kids are loving it
There’s something in that noise,
But it ain’t as pleasing to me
As much is your sweet voice.
As soon as a cracker burns
There is a sudden rush,
But ain’t worth a comparison
After a kiss, to your natural blush.
Seeing a boy right there
Behind the wall, as he peeks,
It reminds me of how I used to
Stare at you, sweet cheeks.
People greet me with a smile
A smile on my face I tried,
But it won’t be no real
Since you ain’t here beside.
Lights and crackers everywhere
From here to a hundred mile,
But what’s the glow in them million
Compared to your cute bright smile?

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Posted by on June 8, 2013 in Literature, Poems


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