A Vision Towards A Better Future

30 Dec

These thoughts, they flood in me, just as I stand here under the moonlight. Cross-road I look, I glare there at that street light. Its dim, out here, just the moon shining. And then I look there, under that dim street-light, on the other side of the road. Its dark there, pitch dark, a long patch of darkness, and it reminds me of dark times, those dark times in the novel of Human, and the chapter of Humanity. Those scary times, when morals and ethics no longer existed; where night symbolised not peace, but danger; where women where as safe in the nights as a bait is in front of a hungry tiger. Times, which did not acknowledge women a ‘goddess’ anymore; when the devil in man overtook his sense of wisdom, respect and fear; and most of all which have proven to be the worst for our friends and family, sisters, mothers and daughters. Yes, the darkness I see there, reminds me of those scary nights where women are forced to fear; fear the coward man, the one with sinful intentions. These were those nights I talk about, when women were limited to their homes. These are those times of heists, when rapes and murders were more common than common sense. Funny, is it ? And Yes, that’s true, that you turn to a street, and you’ll find more number of assaults than people living there. Life changes with time, that’s what we know, but witnessing this sinful 21st century makes us dislike changes themselves. Women are being subjected to those dreadful times in the past, where they were not respected at all and where they were dominated by men. This is where they have to fight again for their rights and respect; the time when they have to sum up their courage and show the mankind what a so-called ‘dominated gender’, the women, is capable of. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” These crimes, whatever they are, just don’t leave the women in pain, in misery; helpless, discouraged and scared, but they do attack those little minds and hearts, who are walking towards guiding the future of the nation. And I stand here, on this side of the road, looking across at the darkness, under the dim-lighted lamp. But as I hear a thud somewhere behind me, with my heartbeat rising high at the risk of another crime, a drop of tense falling of my forehead in fear, I wait here for an answer – an answer, a solution, a revolution and a wave; a wave of brave, confident and wise citizens, to wipe the dirt off the nation and the scare off our hearts. And I should, but I don’t blame the criminals for their deeds, for crimes have no shame or limits, but I blame the people who are oppressed by it without uttering a word against it, who spot out mistakes but are not willing to find a solution, who first point at the government and when it comes to the judgment, zip up their lips. And some men changed by all I said, have started fighting the wrong already. But these same men do turn to me and ask : “What is it that I did to change the world, but just complaint with a pen?” So I smile back at them and say, with the pen mightier than the sword, I just changed you men.
“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

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Posted by on December 30, 2012 in Articles, Literature


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